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Project Proposals

Project Proposal Guide

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas with team members that meet community needs, consider the impact your idea will have on the community and make sure all team members contribute to and reach a consensus on the project concept. 

Step 2: Use tools in the workbook to draft a project plan, event timeline, budget, communication needs, etc. Design the project, ensuring all team members have a role in the planning and implementation. Finalize the project budget and application and determine with team members will present to the board. 

Step 3: Submit a Project Application to the Program Manager and prepare to present to the Advisory Board. At least one team member must be available to provide a brief project summary and answer questions; multiple team members attending is recommended. Bring your own copy of your project and be ready to discuss how the team decided on the project, worked together to prepare the application, and will manage the project. 

Step 4: If approved, complete the project as per plan and maintain records and receipts as instructed. Maintain communication with Program Manager to ensure compliance with funding requirements. Up completion, submit all documentation and summary of project outcomes. Make sure to have a small celebration to honor your hard work and contribution to your community!

Step 5: Post your project success and plan for your next project and another team. 

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